Super Mix for Weight Loss – Milk & Green Tea

Every day millions of people start their day with a cup of hot tea. Some drink it with sugar, some without, some drink green tea and some black.

They know that tea is beneficial, but not everyone knows about the qualities of the green tea. Moreover, many have not heard of a tea diet, a diet with green tea and milk.

The diet with milk and green tea (milk-tea) is mostly popular among those who want to lose weight and maintain their normal weight.

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Milk-tea is not only a tasty beverage that does not create a sense of hunger, but it is excellent for cleansing and detoxifying the whole body from toxins.

A one-day diet with green tea and milk

In just one day of this diet with milk and green tea you can lose 0.5 to 2 pounds of weight (the excess fluid in the body).

The milk-tea diet is recommended for only one day, no more frequently than twice a month.

Recipe for the diet with green tea and milk

You will need:

  •  1.5 liter of low-fat milk
  •  2 tablespoons of real green tea

My recommendation is to get a real green tea from a healthy food store, do not use tea in tea bags because you will not feel any effect.



In a boiled and cooled milk to 70 degrees (this is important – the milk must not be warm, but hot), add 2 tablespoons of green tea. Cover it and let it stay like that for 20 minutes. Then strain and drink.

Drink one cup of the milk-tea during the day every 2 hours.

The tea with milk is absorbed better because the tea facilitates the digestion of milk and the milk alleviates the effects of caffeine.

In the meantime, drink plain water.

You should drink at least 2 liters of water a day, this is mandatory because the milk and green tea are strong diuretics, and the water controls balance.

You will not feel hunger because milk-tea frees the body from hunger.

Contraindications: intolerance to milk, kidney and gallbladder disease and low pressure. If you have a chronic illness, consult your doctor.



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