Vaccines Now Mandatory in California — Strict Penalties for ANYONE Who Refuses

I “wonder” why the mainstream media has NOTHING to say about this??

Sad to say, but it’s happening. California has recently become the first state in America to mandate vaccines without any exemptions, including religious or otherwise.

On June 30, 2015 Governor Brown signed SB 277 which prevents personal and religious belief exemptions for child vaccinations in California, effective July 1, 2016. 

According to;

“Families that do not comply with the one-size-fits-all vaccine mandate, will lose their State Constitutional right for a free and appropriate education in public and private K-12 schools. The use of licensed daycare facilities, in-home daycare, public or private preschools and even after school care programs are also included in SB 277. School aged children, not up-to-date on every mandated vaccine, will be required to home school without options for classroom learning. SB 277 eliminates a parent’s right to exempt their children from one, some, or all vaccines, a risk-laden medical procedure including death. In 2016, California parents will be forced to give their children more than 40 doses of 10 federally recommended vaccines. This open-ended vaccine mandate allows the State of California to add any additional vaccines they deem necessary at anytime. The only exemption available is a medical exemption that  under federal guidelines.”

This bill is one of the most brazen overreaching actions that the government has ever taken. To criminalize the act of free choice regarding vaccines, which themselves are absolutely questionable and have led to serious injury, is the truly criminal action. How can you force people into doing something that could harm them? The “land of the free” is growing less and less free with each passing day and has turned into a police state perhaps rivaled only by that of Nazi Germany.

Interestingly, we see this massive overstepping of boundaries coming at a time when the groundbreaking documentary, “Vaxxed”, has just been released. This is important to point out because in this documentary a scientist that worked at the CDC in a high ranking position regarding the testing of vaccines has come forward and blown the whistle on how the governmental organization knowingly committed fraud by manipulating data to conceal an obvious link to vaccines causing autism. To put this into very easily understood terms, this documentary literally changes everything because it demonstrates with fact based science, and through a former CDC head scientist, that some of these vaccines are very dangerous!

When you really think about what’s going on here and how in 1978 the prevalence of autism was about 1 in 15,000 children, today it is 1 in 68 and in 16 years it is predicted to be just 1 out of every 2 kids it appears as though this is a concerted effort by the powers that be to immobilize us, which could be a result of a massive awakening that is going on around the world.

Original Article: Choice and Truth   

  • LaRay Chambers

    Poison your kids! California has made it law or else. Sounds like imbeciles 101. But they’ll still charge you homeowners taxes for a school that you are restricted from. Commifornia is a communist state. ANYONE agreeing with this insane law has become of victim of psychological tactics. You’ve lost your minds!

  • HeartofDarkness80

    This is a great thing! Keep your little unvaccinated disease vectors out of schools.

  • If your kids are vaccinated, why do you are about other kids?

  • Ian Clare

    Leslie that is easily the most ignorant response any one who is against vaccinations can make… This is virus 101. Each person a virus infects gives it a chance to mutate. Let’s take an std such as HIV… There is a possibility that with each person it infects that it can become airborn, or waterborn. Meaning you’ll be able to contract hiv just by breathing.. Now if there was a vaccine that could prevent or slow that down would you not take it?

    The next most ignorant claim any anti vaccer can make is – it causes autism and death.. Death is only a side effect from complications due to unknown allergys which is why you should know if you’re allergic to the ingredients prior, but because of dumb parents we now have this completely untrue stigmatism on vaccines.. We also have botched science and a mother wanting to blame someone else for her misfortune to thank for the autism stigmatism..

    Let’s say for a second that it does cause it.. And the 1% figure is right… That 1/100 children who “does”nt develop autism is still better odds than the 40-50+ children who will become crippled or worse from not being vaccinated…

    It’s simple logic one that anti vaccers apparently are not getting. $5 says they are super religious too

  • Majestic

    Murica is a devil country

  • Kirsti O
  • BlueFish

    You are full of the crap you’ve been led to believe by these monsters. StPr!

  • Alan Calhoun

    You know there are special groups of ideot’s just for you Ian.Go play with you’re friends at Vacc.-hate and stay outta public

  • RobiePAX

    I applaud California. So far one of the most intelligent states. Many parents think they know what is best for their children. However if they don’t see the value of protecting their children from harm and diseases then they are still children themselves and the State has to play the role of the parent by making decisions for them. Regardless they want it or not.

  • goober

    If we do not begin to execute these pharma-whores (politicians)now — it’s over

  • goober

    I know what’s best for you — a bullet to your face

  • Wine Dude

    Pinche pendejo…!

  • goober

    muerto mofo

  • Gkiter

    CA sounds like a State I will never move to and would have moved out to protect my kid from this dictatorial law.

  • Gkiter

    That comment is obviously one of an ignorant. It is well known that German kids are dying like flies because vaccination is optional in their country. It is well known that French kids are dying like flies because only DT Polio (which diseases have not been seen in decades) up to 12 years old is mandatory in their country.

  • mentalalchemist


  • As a natural born man unto this earth, nobody and I mean nobody should EVER be given the permission to inject my body with any chemicals I don’t consent to! SV-40, LOOK IT UP, you think they have stopped??? It may not be sv-40 not, but I guarantee you, it is something else! I have not had a shot of anything in over 30, THIRTY YEARS, I don’t even get the annual FLU I bet you believe shingles comes from having Chicken Pox too right?

  • DONATE “yours” to be injected directly into the Governor. Turn HIM, not our HEALTHY kids into a pin cushion. The sooner, the better off we all will be.
    HOW DARE HE?!!!

    One truly great visual involves you making a giant sized syringe to carry to upcoming MASS REFUSALS!

    He thinks we can not SEE how much money was spent by BIG PHARMA. How much he took. But, we do!

    What a Jerk!
    He is going DOWN, folks!

  • Reverend RJ

    Just a simple question: does the general population know what is mixed with the active ingredients of a vaccine? Research it though John’s Hopkins’s Research Hospital and read ALL of the article. You will probably have a different perspective. Control the various [never seen diseases] that are coming from refugees and government mandated influx of refugees and terrorist that are bring in diseases we have NEVER seen here in America. HIV/A.I.D.S came from Africa, fungal infections came from South American countries and NOW Caucasians have Sickle Cell [inter species breeding?], but, rest assured ‘ignorance, inbreeding’ has come along way in California, I remember Jerry Brown when he was the Governor the first time. Not much has changed, only gotten worse and not a place to live anymore if you still have visions of “The American Dream”! GOD BLESS