What Actually Causes Pain? Learn the Link between The Spine and All Organs

You may have noticed that sometimes, your spine problems affect completely different body parts and cause pain. In such cases, we normally treat other diseases, but do not focus on the real one, so we cannot cure ourselves.

This is the reason why we should always pay special attention to the spine.

Therefore, when you feel pain, if you learn the connection between the spine and your organs, you can diagnose the real problem. You just need to determine the painful area of the spine, and thus you can point out the problems with certain organs.

The infographic above will show you the link between the body organs and the spine. From the above, you can get a clear picture of the problems that you can cure when you experience spine pain. For instance, osteopaths state that approximately 70% of headaches are coming from the spine.


Problems with the chest part of the spine may indicate issues with the stomach, intestine ache and heart pain. Problems in the lumbar part of your spine not only affect the lower back, but can also be manifested as thigh pain, hip pain, and can even cause serious walking problems, by impairing the sensitivity of the legs.

Other health issues, such as ringing in the ears, difficulty when swallowing food and vision problems may also be results from dysfunctions of the intervertebral disc door.

To summarize, good spine treatment and its strengthening will help you eliminate various problems with other body organs.