What Does Your Favorite Color Reveal About Your Personality?

The Color Blue – What does the favorite color blue mean?

Blue is a popular color and many people have voted it as their favorite, from all across the world. People who opt for Blue tend to be spiritually inclined, deep, compassionate and peaceful. Additionally, if blue happens to be a favorite color of yours, you are likely a highly creative person who is also expressive, kind and charming.

The Color Red – What does red as a favorite color mean?

People who love red tend to be passionate, but one needs to steer clear of them sometimes because they could also be short tempered. Lovers of red tend to be easily angered but also loving, courageous and fiery. If red is your favorite, you will let nothing come between you and your road to success.

The Color Pink – What does it mean if Pink is your favorite color?

Pink symbolizes many things including girls, speed, secrecy, innocence, revolution and love without passion. People having Pink as their favorite color feel the need for love, security but also like to portray themselves as a bit delicate, or fragile. Pink lovers are charming and gentle and violence upsets them. However, such people also tend to keep their emotions a secret.

Green Color – What green as a favorite color indicates

People drawn to green are open emotional people who desire to love and be loved. They are well mannered and generally make for loyal and supportive partners. They also strive for safety, security and acknowledgement.

Orange color – What does it mean if orange is your favorite color?

If you love orange, chances are that you are flamboyant, lively, and social as well as fun loving. Orange lovers tend to be good natured and popular, but on the downside, could also be fickle. They may be risk takers even going for extreme sport adventures to make them feel alive. They are competitive in nature and also love to win.

Yellow color – What does yellow as a favorite color mean?

If you love yellow, you may be a dreamer or even a perfectionist. Yellow lovers have big goals and are fun to be around with. They are generally in a good mood all the time, displaying a good sense of humor. When they do happen to feel low, which is rare, they may act aloof. Thankfully, this will be only for brief periods of time and their sophisticated manners make them excellent company.

Black color – Find out what it means if black color is your favorite

If you like black, you are likely emotionally contained, decisive, serious, powerful, strong, confident and sometimes a bit introverted. Lovers of black tend to make excellent leaders and entrepreneurs.Black is a color of mystery which is often associated with sexual attractiveness or even rebellion. People who love to wear black clothes like to do so mainly since it makes them feel confident and more attractive.

White color – You love white? Then it symbolizes the following

Lovers of white tend to be innocent, pure, and perfectionists. They are confident, but might have very high standards regarding cleanliness. Your love for white is also symbolic of openness and fearlessness. You tend to have very strong ideals.

Brown color – Love brown? Then this is what it means!

Lovers of brown tend to have stamina and patience as well as solidity and stability. They are dependable, steady, responsible and kind. On the downside, people with brown as favorite color tend to be inflexible and obstinate.

Purple color – Is your favorite color Purple?

If yes, then you are bound to be mysterious, imaginative, and might consider yourself different from others. You are also secretive, so while you are able to charm and intrigue people, you are also hard to understand completely.

Turquoise, Aqua, Blue, Green color – What do these colors indicate?

The family of blue green/aqua colors indicates a cool exterior but a tumultuous interior. Thus, people who love these shades tend to be complex, imaginative yet highly original. They are courteous, charming and capable but often tend to refuse guidance.

So what is your favorite color? Do you agree with this assessment of color favorites and their link to personality of the individual? What do you think: does your personality match your own favorite as given above? Let us know!