2-Ingredient Colon Cleansing Mixture to Flush Out Fecal Waste From Your Gut

Poor eating habits will make the work of the small intestine inefficient due to the accumulation of food that can clog the internal wall lining. Bad eating habits can occur when people forget about the fiber in their diet. Consumption of processed foods, prolonged pharmaceuticals, and alcohol may result in disruption of the lining of the intestinal wall and if it lasts for a long time, it will cause the crust piles which became one of the causes of bad breath.

Not only causing bad breath, crust piles also can affect the intestine in absorbing various nutrients needed to carry out the body’s metabolism, which in turn will lead to some serious diseases such as diabetes, kidney disease, liver disease, arthritis, vision problems, and even cancer.

By eliminating the piles of mucus and crust from your colon then you will improve your overall body health. The procedure described in this article is able to work well if you are able to utilize enema, especially if you are having constipation problems.

The intake of 3 tablespoons of flax seed flour for three weeks can cleanse your colon and keep the intestinal micro flora remains under ideal condition. This method is also able to lose weight by speeding up fat burning. For your information, flax seed flour can reduce the levels of toxins in the blood as well as lowering blood cholesterol levels.

Here are what should be done to undergo this method:

Week 1: 1 tablespoon of flax seed flour and 100 ml of kefir
Week 2: 2 tablespoons of flax seed flour and 100 ml of kefir
Week 3: 3 tablespoons of flax seed flour and 150 ml of kefir

If you do not find flax seed flour around you then you can grind them by yourself. You must use organic flax seed and always store them in the fridge. When executing this method you have to drink 2 liters of water a day. You need to add 1 cup water, 1 teaspoon of honey and 1 teaspoon of apple cider vinegar into the flour.

• Do not do this method if you are a cancer patient, pregnant women, or people who are seriously ill.
• This diet may cause bloating and you need to drink lots of water every day.
• You can use the kefir because it’s safe.
• You might go to the toilet more often than usual.

Source: www.juicing-for-health.com