4 Symptoms That You Probably Need Detox

The human body every day accumulate toxins. We bring them through food, even the air, and there are so many because due to improper diet and lack of physical activity are unable to eject.

To find out the condition of your body, you only need to listen to your body and pay attention to the daily sent signs, which generally do not notice and do not consider a warning.

These are the four most common alarms that your body is full of toxins which urgently need to free up!

1. Physiological needs

The more often you go to the bathroom, there are more toxins in your body! However, this should not scare you, because in this way toxins are ejected. Otherwise, returning to the bloodstream and can make a big problem, because those who have problems with constipation should drink as much water, tea and a probiotic, to ensure bowel movement at least once a day.


2. Bad breath

Bad breath is not just something that can spoil you a meeting with a potential partner, it can also be an indication of how many toxins you have in your body. Bad breath can be caused by bacteria, but can also be a sign that your liver and intestines have a problem with the release of toxins. Use a tongue cleaner to eliminate the bacteria and take the fresh herbs such as parsley and coriander, which are fantastic for liver detoxification.

3. Scents intolerance

If you have a strong reaction to scents such as perfumes or smoke, may be caused by toxins in your body. Many times we become hypersensitive to odors if the liver has a problem with the elimination of various toxins from the body. When ways for detoxification are closed, the body feels it, and the senses become sharp and can cause reactions such as headaches and nausea. Help your liver with herbs like milk thistle and dandelion root, which can be consumed in tea form. You can try the popular practice of detoxification with castor oil.

4. Persistent overweight

There are many reasons for resistance to weight loss. “Mad” hormones, improper diet and toxins naturally. Toxins such as dioxin, PCBs, and many pesticides, which means that in our are bodies merged with fat cells. When the body is overloaded with them, it may be impossible to lose that extra weight.

The key is to ensure that the body properly flushes toxins. This means improving the body’s natural ability to do so and find a balance. Some safe way of cleaning or detoxification can help, but reducing exposure to toxins is very important.

Choose a clean, organic foods whenever possible and make sure to get a good sweat, defecate, hydrate your body and breathe clean air every day.