Apple Cleansing and Detoxing Your Body! Do This Every Month to Prevent Many Diseases!

It is important to detoxify your body in order to rid it of harmful toxins that can cause serious health issues.

When you have poor eating habits for example consuming processed and refined food excessively.

You can detoxify your body with apples which are rich in a lot of vitamins, minerals and enzymes. Your immune system will also be given a boost to be able to ward-off viruses, fungi and bacteria infection better.

Apples will also help to regulate the pH level in your body and bring it to a stable alkaline state.

How To Go About It

  • Get organic apples or if you cannot procure them, then buy 100% natural apple juice that is additive and sugar-free.
  • Blend your apples in a blender or preferably a juicer.
  • Add lemon juice to your apples.
  • Make sure that your apple juice is lukewarm or at least at room temperature.
  • Drink this juice in small sips throughout the day, avoid drinking the juice in one single gulp.
  • You can also eat two apples after 3 hours of drinking this juice.

Note: Do not peel the organic apples, just wash and chop them before blending.

  • You can drink this recipe during lunch time.
  • To boost the taste add 2 tablespoons of pure honey and stir in.
  • Eat two apples 2 hours after lunch time then drink more of the juice.
  • You can eat apple porridge for dinner, add 2 tablespoons of pure honey to this dish.

When you keep to this dietary routine in a day, you will thoroughly disinfect your digestive tract as well as your body as a whole.

Make sure that during the day you do not consume any other drink or meal.

Apples are fiber rich and are therefore very digestible. When you do this one-day detox routine your intestinal tract will be cleansed and any constipation issues will be taken care of, it will also cater for irritable bowel syndrome (IBS).

This one-day detox apple recipe is great for the treatment of rheumatism, liver issues, kidney problems, gout and arthritis.

Your blood vessels are also cleansed of bad cholesterol (LDL) accumulation. The apple recipe combats free radicals that cause premature aging, acne and eczema.

It will boost your metabolism and therefore aid proper digestion and help you in losing weight.

You can try this recipe for a week and reap from the enormous health benefits it offers. So stay healthy and keep to an apple detox regimen today.