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See Why Sex is Important as Your Blood Pressure

Americans spend over $46 billion dollars on blood pressure management every year, but just a fraction of that on their sexual health. Yet sexual health is deeply related to mental health, physical health and social wellness. Far from being taboo, your current level of ...Read More

Best Fruit for a Diabetes Diet. See List!

Fruits should not be necessarily removed from the diabetic diet since it have healthy nutrients. Only to be addressed at the portion size because the fruit has high content of carbohydrates, which can raise blood sugar levels. The following 5 types among are the best fruits for diabetics. ...Read More

How to stop hiccups? Here’s the solution!

Hiccups is defined as uncontrolled and sudden contraction of the diaphragm that is repeated several times within one minute. Hiccups can sometimes take several minutes and spontaneously stop, but often it can take so long that you will literally fatigue and prevent from normal ...Read More

Is Breakfast Really That Important?

Start your day right, with a healthy breakfast. Today we can increasingly hear this sentence, and more people are puzzled what it means. The latest research gave some answers to this question. People who do not have a problem with overweight, for breakfast usually ...Read More

Buzz in Ears and Head – Symptoms and Treatment

If the buzz in your the ears and head known is only occasional and fleeting appearance of which is the appearance of a sudden sonorous noise in ear, which lasts no longer than a few seconds and is repeated often, then in your case does not happen ...Read More

Fluid in the Lungs

The appearance of fluid in the lungs, or pulmonary edema, as this disease is also called, is formed when excess fluid is found in the lungs. Since in the case of pulmonary edema breathing is difficult due to accumulation of fluid in the lung alveoli (pulmonary bubbles participating ...Read More

What to Eat at Work

The time you spend at work, almost always includes your separation from home, as well as not having complete freedom of movement due to obligations, and therefore not many available food choices for your meal. Therefore, the meal that you consume at work, you should think ...Read More

Breakfast All Around the World

We all know that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but it is interesting that it looks different in every country in the world. Here are photos from different countries in the world. CHINA: Traditional breakfasts vary by region, but the ...Read More

Stay Awake When Exhausted

It’s three in the afternoon and you’re shaking your head to stay awake. The computer screen is blurry and all you want to do is get some shut-eye. Here’s how to fight the sleepiness and stay awake. Why are we so tired? These days, ...Read More

Is Coffee Healthy or Harmful?

Whether the coffee is healthy or harmful to the health is by far the largest controversy when it comes to drinks. On one side we have a large number of people who cannot do without coffee, while the on the other hand we have people who are ...Read More