Is Coffee Healthy or Harmful?

Whether the coffee is healthy or harmful to the health is by far the largest controversy when it comes to drinks. On one side we have a large number of people who cannot do without coffee, while the on the other hand we have people who are opponents of coffee, while the third hand we have many studies that show a variety of things and it’s very difficult to make a response, but the story is much more complex. 

Since it is very difficult we can safely say it is impossible to give an answer to the question “Is coffee healthy?”, below we will give both positive and those negative sides of consuming coffee, and you will judge whether it is a good choice or not.

Girl drinking coffee

Positive side of coffee

Some of the analysis have shown that regular coffee drinking in the long run greatly reduce the chance of disease from diabetes type 2. In addition to diabetes, reduces the chance for getting Alzheimer’s or Parkinson’s disease. One of the main and most controversial ingredient in coffee is certainly caffeine, which in addition to antioxidants plays an important role in combating the above-mentioned possible diseases. Therefore, in combination, can act preventively to many diseases and strengthen the complete immune system.

In addition, some argue that coffee is very good prevention for liver cancer and  bile stone. However, in all this you should not exaggerate, because it is not recommended drinking more than 3 cups of coffee a day. Also, if you consume espresso, always choose short rather than long, because it is better choice for your heart.

The negative side of coffee

What many experts cite to justify their claims about the harmful effects of coffee is the caffeine. In fact, you probably did not know but the coffee plant produces caffeine to successfully protect against various insects that attack it. So in this case, caffeine has the role of toxins against insects.

This is one of the strongest reasons why some think that coffee is unhealthy and harmful to the human body. In addition to these claims, it is known that caffeine from coffee encourage greater production of adrenaline from the adrenal glands, which could be reflected so that our body is constantly under stress if you drink coffee daily. These jumps and fluctuations of adrenaline and muscle pumps can eventually lead to various heart diseases.



Whether you are a fan or opponent of coffee, it has certain positive and negative things, as you read. If you are not a fan, you can continue to consume other types of beverages such as tea or natural juices for example. And if you are a supporter of coffee, do it in the normal range and do not consume more than three cups a day. Even the best medicine if you you are over consuming becomes poison.

Wisely and carefully enjoy the perfect smell and taste of coffee!