Cold Water Vs Warm Water: One of Them is Damaging to Your Health

Many people have a cold cup of water and a cup of coffee right upon waking up. However, you should enjoy a warm cup of water if you want to get the most beneficial effects of consuming liquid in the morning.

Many studies have proved that the consumption of warm water on an empty stomach provides wide range of health benefits and it is the definitely the best way to jumpstart your day! Here are some of the greatest health benefits:


If you really want to get rid of the excess pounds, your body must stay hydrated. Do not forget that this liquid should be taken warm. The study that was conducted by the Journal of Natural Science has shown that people who consume large amounts of water can significantly decrease the body mass index, decrease the appetite and lose weight!


The blood flow in your circulatory system can be significantly improved if you drink warm water. The blood cell flow raises when the body is exposed to warm temperature. By warming up the body from within, warm water basically improves the circulation in the body.


According to the research that was conducted by the Journal of Neurogastroenterology and Motility, 60% of people whu suffer from achalasia, experienced significant results after consuming warm water.

The colon will move the bowels easier by consuming a glass of warm water in the morning on an empty stomach. It also boosts the absorption of food in the body.


You can reduce swelling in the throat by drinking warm water. It can do wonders for dry and irritated throats.

By relaxing the muscles of your stomach, warm water can also soothe cramps. It is recommended to consume warm water on an empty stomach right after you wake up.


A glass of cold water in a hot summer day is an amazing feeling. But it actually does many other things besides it cools you down for a few seconds. Here are the reasons why cold water is bad for your body:

  • Excess mucus is forming by the cold water which causes higher risk of infection and congestion.
  • In order to heat it up and use it, the body expands energy when you consume cold water.
  • As cold liquids solidify the fats in your bloodstream, cold water causes the organism to work really hard to digest food.
  • Cold water reduces hydration because it constricts the blood vessels.