The Color Of The Urine States THIS About Your Health!

Urine color states a lot about your health, despite no one speaks about it in courteous business. Its color, consistency and smell are all telltale signs of you wellbeing and way of life, varying from what diseases you may unknown you have to what you have eating recently.


95 % of the urine is consisted of water, but the rest is brew of components such as different organic and inorganic substances, dissolved ions, creatinine, potassium, sodium, chloride and urea.

Yellow is the most common urine color. Today we will present a color chart that will show you what the urine color states about your overall health:

# 1 Pink

Appears such as White Zinfandel

You probably ate beets last night. It might be also blood. According to many doctors,   a drop of blood in your urine, turns it pink. You definitely have to see your doctor because it might be indication of bladder cancer or due to infection.

# 2 Orange

Appears like Tang

You definitely need water and you are truly dehydrated. The presence of bilirubin can be indicated if your urine is orange-hued. According to Dr. Jill Buckley, the natural breakdown of the red blood cells in the body can be the reason for yellow colored urine. Liver diseases and gallstones can also be the reason for this color. Specific meds usually change the color of the urine.

# 3 Dar Yellow

Appears like Apple Juice

The consumption of B vitamins often contributes to this color.

# 4 Medium Yellow

Looks like Lemonade

It is time to drink some water. You might be dehydrated.

# 5 Cloudy

Appears like an Unclean Martini

This color can be caused by proteins, tissues and mucus that are coalescing and breaking down.

# 6 Light Yellow

Appears like Pale Straw

Keep up the great work, you are well hydrated and this is a normal color of the urine.

# 7 Transparent

Appears Like Water

Over hydration may be the reason for this color. Over-hydration is not hazardous as hydration, it waters down essential salts like electrolyte, making chemical imbalance in your blood.