Cure a Urinary Tract Infection in a Completely Safe and Effective Way

Those who suffer from a urinary tract infection know that it can be quite unpleasant and difficult to fight.

In general, women are more susceptible to these infections, but men can suffer from the same issues as well.

The danger in the case of a urinary infection is, in fact, the possibility to become a serious issue, and in the case of an antibiotics therapy which can give no results, this infection can lead to kidney damage. Also, the use of antibiotics is also detrimental, as they kill good and bad bacteria.

Moreover, these infections are an immense threat in the case of pregnancy, as they can cause premature birth.

The situation became, even more, complex as these infections are starting to be resistant to the treatments used in this case, including antibiotics and other medications. Therefore, what you need to do is to turn to your immune system.

Hence, you can benefit a lot from some natural remedies as they are safe to use, and provide remarkable effects, which is the reason why they are used in numerous cases. One of these amazing homemade treatments includes grapefruit seeds.

The oil and grapefruit seed

In 2005, researchers tried to discover whether grapefruit seeds are effective in the case of these infections. They concluded that these seeds are extremely beneficial, and act even in cases when treatments with antibiotics do not provide positive results. Furthermore, this research also confirmed that the extract of grapefruit seeds can prevent bacteria development.

So, they proved that the extract of grapefruit seeds in recommended doses is incredibly successful in the fight against bacteria in the body.

Yet, scientists discovered the way they act only a decade ago. They used a transmission electron microscope and examined the favorable activity of these seeds.

The extract from the grapefruit seed, even in small, diluted doses, goes through the bacterial cytoplasmic membrane and discharges its inner structure rapidly, within 15 minutes. Their research showed that the extract prevented the growth and development of gram-positive and some of the gram-negative bacteria.

Even if compared to traditional antibiotic therapies, these seeds provide effective and quick results. Moreover, they have another positive property more as well, as they also act as antifungal agents.

Furthermore, antibiotics are not safe in some cases, and may fail to provide results. Yet, even if the antibiotic therapy was safe, these seeds are still a better alternative.

Also, the grapefruit seeds therapy is cheap, while antibiotics are expensive.

All you need to do in order to treat the urinary infection is to regularly consume grapefruit seed for two weeks. Also, you can eat grapefruit every day.