Most Powerful Natural Antiseptic: Kills Bacteria, Helps With Allergies And Cures Toothache

oregano oil

Oregano is an mediterranean herb that is often used as a spice. Many scientific studies have confirmed that this oregano oil has healing properties. But lately in the world of health and nutrition, it is increasingly talking about oregano oil.

Why is this oil so popular?

Studies conducted by the US Department of Agriculture showed that oregano has two to three times more antioxidant activity than other plants – even 42 times more that apple, potatoes 30 times more, 12 times more from orange and 4 times more than the blueberry. The oil which is extracted from the herb is known as the strongest herbal antiseptic. What it is important to emphasize is that we do not speak of oregano oil which is obtained from the leaves of oregano, meaning not the same one that we are accustomed to use it as an obligatory spice for pizza and other Mediterranean meals. Wild oregano grows at high altitudes (1500-2000 m) and it is not used as a spice.

Some of the beneficial actions of this oil are:

Against toothache

The oil of wild oregano effectively relieves toothache killing the bacterium that causes pain. Apply oil directly to the infected tooth. The withdrawal of the gums and herpes can also be recovered by applying a few drops of an infected place with clean fingers or you can apply a drop on toothbrush before brushing your teeth. With regular application you will significantly improve your oral health and hygiene. Herpes in the oral cavity can effectively be removed by rinsing the mouth with a combination of oil of wild oregano and water, or by direct application of a little diluted oil on the sore spot.

Antibacterial properties

Numerous studies have confirmed that oil from wild oregano is a powerful fighter against infections, primarily thanks to the ingredient which is called carvacrol. Only a small dose of this oil has amazing antibacterial properties even against 25 different types of bacteria.

Against allergies

The oil of wild oregano contains rosmarinic acid, which is a strong antihistamine and more powerful antioxidant than vitamin E. Commonly used in the treatment of allergic reactions, bronchial asthma, rheumatoid arthritis and gingivitis, so that even the simple inhalation of this oil helps with allergies.

Protects eyesight and hearing

Antioxidant properties of wild oregano oil are beneficial for long-term preservation of health. They protect us from free radicals and are correcting already occurred cells damage. It is known that antioxidants slow the aging process, protect against cancer, prevent the loss of sight and hearing, nerve disorders and many other diseases that are highly associated with the action of free radicals.

Prevents fungal infections of the nails and skin

Due to its anti-inflammatory effect, the oil of oregano has its own application against the fungal and bacterial infections. Dilute 30 to 50 drops of oregano oil in 100 ml of cooking oil. Rub twice a day a small amount of oil to critical regions.

It helps with sports injuries

This oil relieves cramps and pains in muscles and accelerates wounds healing, and its anti-inflammatory properties also make it a powerful remedy for arthritis.

First Aid against insect bites

The oil of wild oregano has the power to neutralize the poisonous stings of insects and is also useful for preventing infection, reducing the inflammation and pain of the stab wounds and bites from animals.

How to use wild oregano oil?

The recommended dose is one to four drops three times daily. This means that the maximum is 12 drops per day, but never supposed to take at once. The oil of wild oregano has extremely intense flavor, so it must be diluted with water or juice, or be consumed in pill form, but must not be drunk pure.

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