Natural Herbal Oils for Healthy Skin Care

Most of the people do not like the idea of herbal oil massages, because it reminds them of oily, shiny skin. But they are wrong, because the herbal oils are the basis for the proper feeding of the skin.

Herbal oils are rich in a whole range of ingredients and vitamins, which help you to care and feed your skin, whether you have dry, oily, sensitive or skin prone to acne.

For proper care, you need to use high quality herbal oil. This means that in the process of preparing the herbal oil, the temperature must not exceed more than 65 ° C, because it would also damage all molecules and vitamins that are found in the herbs.


Also all of these herbal oils have a very affordable price, and you do not need any knowledge on how to use, so forget about the all excuses, and start to take care for your skin properly.

Argan oil — is rich in oleic and linoleic acid, carotene and vitamin E. Suitable for dry, mature skin, helps in regeneration, so it is often used to control dermatitis and psoriasis.

Avocado oil — rich in essential fatty acids, vitamin E and beta-carotene. It has dark green color, sweet taste and can be quickly absorbed by the skin. It is ideal for the care of dry, dehydrated and mature skin, and skin prone to infections.

Almond oil — it is recommended for sensitive children’s skin care, and also helps in the care of dry and sensitive skin, prone to itching and irritation.

Hazelnut oil — is one of the best natural tanning oils. It is also one of the best fast absorbing oils. Suitable for oily skin, skin prone to acne, sensitive skin prone to redness and irritation.

Walnut oil — fast-absorbing oil with a mild aroma. Contains palmitoleic acid, that is contained in the sebum (natural fatty substance in the skin), so it is ideal for the treatment of dry and dehydrated skin.

Wild Rose oil — this is one of the most precious cosmetic oils. This oil will provide you with amazing results in the regeneration of damaged skin, scars, burns, stretch marks, wrinkles, acne … Because it is very difficult to find this oil, you can use oil of St. John’s wort, because they have very similar features.

Sesame oil — rich in vitamins, minerals, lecithin, linoleic and oleic acid. It is ideal for the care of sensitive skin prone to irritation. The main function of this oil, is to remove dirt from the pores, so it is recommended for smoker’s skin care, and for those who fight against cellulite.

All these oils are very useful for our skin, but that does not mean that you have to limit yourself, so you can always add some essential oil of your choice. These oils are suitable for face skin and body skin and also are excellent for hair care.

Our helpful advice: if you are afraid of beeing all over in oily layer, you can make your own mixture consisting of half a bottle of herbal oil by your choice, and the other half recharge with water. Always shake it before use. You’ll have no oily traces, because the oil will be absorbed faster into your skin.