Press These Points on Your Palm to Relieve Any Pain

Alternative medicine managed to find its place in this world of high tech and terrific scientific findings, and it has gained greater popularity than ever.

It has become quite a subject in recent discussions and debates. Most people reach out for it, but some still hesitate and believe that alternative cannot do much when it comes to treatment and therapies.

But, alternative medicine is way ahead than western medicine, and it has greater powers in relieving pain. Yes, you can read a lot on the subject, and heavy medication can never be better than experience.

However, some health experts agree that the combination of these two is probably the best option, and this applies to every health issue that has gone across and through this world.

Reflexology has a lot to do with alternative. It is an entire branch of alternative medicine, and it is pretty much something that will make your pain disappear. Yes, that is how some people like to describe it.

Its main principles are based on determining and stimulating certain points that share a strong connection with distinctive parts of the body. For instance, by stimulating specific points on your palm you can relieve an aching or dysfunctional organ.

Experts in this field suggest that you press particular parts of your hand for 5 seconds, release the pressure for 3 seconds, press again, then repeat the entire method.


In the video below Dr Oz hosts a reflexologist who introduces the idea of our feet and hands being an unique microcosm of the human body. Then, they invite guests from the audience to share their problems.

Some of them have issues with sinus congestion, upper back pain, poor libido, constipation, bloating, insomnia and fatigue. Each of the guests is shown how to treat their ache.

The expert uses one of her hands to demonstrate how to perform a massage or apply pressure on different parts of the body. These lucky guests experience a tremendous relief, and it seems that their problem is solved for good!

No wonder you question yourself whether this simple, yet mysterious method is worth trying. Well, we strongly believe that it is. You can lose nothing but gain an instant relief and a healthy boost.