The Best Tea For Prostate

The prostate is a male sex gland size of a walnut, located in the neck of the urinary bladder and has the function of secretion of semen. It is very sensitive to environment factors the and prone to burning and enlargement, and symptoms of prostate disease are unpleasant and in time more frequent and more intense.

The most common diseases of the prostate are benign enlargement, inflammation – acute prostatitis and tumor. Prostate disease usually appear in middle and old age life at 30 percent of the male population, and lately more and more often in young men why it is very important to take care of diet and lifestyle ..


Symptoms of prostate disease are difficult urinating, frequent urination at night, weaker urinary stream, straining, pain and a burning sensation during urination, inability for complete emptying the bladder, a strong and sudden urge to urinate ..

In addition to therapy and drugs that doctors prescribe, to treat prostate as proved effective is the most teas from small spurge, reserves, cranberry, nettle and green tea.

Small spurge tea

Small spurge tea is best natural cure for all diseases of the prostate. With its use problems can be significantly lessen and disappear, and even avoid surgery. Small spurge tea can be prepared in the traditional manner. Drink tea twice a day, in the morning before breakfast and evening half an hour before dinner.

Bear’s grape tea

Bear’s grape tea is known as a home remedy for urinary infection and prostate enlargement. Also is prepared as most teas and drinks two up to three times a day.

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Green tea

Science has discovered that green tea may slow the development of prostate cancer. Green tea ingredirnt called polifenon E is associated with a reduction in the value of markers which serve to monitor the development of prostate cancer. In order to slow the emergence and development, disease researchers recommend daily drinking 12 cups of concentrated green tea. Green tea is known for detoxification of the body, expelling excess fluid and regulation of metabolic processes.

Cranberry tea

It is scientifically proven that cranberries have anticarcinogenic properties. Cranberry tea is used in prevention and treatment of all types of urinary infections and prostate cancer.


Tea mixture for an enlarged prostate

Ingredients: 30 g of cranberries, half a liter of water, bucket of honey. On low heat cook cranberries until half the water evaporates. Add a tablespoon honey and drink hot tea three times daily after meals.

Tea mixture for acute prostatitis

Stir 100 g of couch grass root, walnut leaf and 75 g of marigold flower, then pour two spoon mixture in a thermos and pour 4 dl of boiling water and leave to stand overnight. Strain in the morning and drink four times a day for 1 dl of tea half an hour before meals.

Make a mixture of 10 g of couch grass, 10 g elecampane root, 20 g of poplar buds, 5 g nettle root and 10 g of oat seeds and then in three spoonfuls of tea pour 5 dl boiled water and cook for 5 minutes over low heat. Then let it sit four hours, after drink and 1 dl three times a day half an hour before meals. Drink this tea month and half or two without pause to effect the treatment would not be missed.