3 Home Methods to Get Rid of Rats Once and For All

Mice or rats, found anywhere in the world, they are able to live in the most inhospitable conditions, the least want a person is having a critter of these in your home, these are highly destructive, they can crack easily from walls

Not to mention that these unpleasant creatures leave their droppings everywhere, are also carriers of terrible diseases to humans, if we have little in the house risks are even worse,because the smaller often play on the floor and are exposed a bite or touch the excrement of these and diseases that can cost them their lives, but are taken care of immediately.

These vermin, reproduce easily, imagine a female rat can have 15 litters of 22 pups at least annual, so if you are not eradicated from our home in time could have terrible problems, although there are many pesticides to eliminate these creatures.


Chemical pesticides contain are so strong that we vacate our home for several days while they get rid of these creatures, the problem is that when we return to our home are likely to be residues of these chemicals that can endanger our health and the smaller the long term.Therefore we recommend these natural methods:


This is very effective, since mice can not burp and soft drinks and sugared place at strategic points where you know that the rodent frequents, will make this the dawn consume and thus died in the morning.


This method consists in making a mixture of gypsum, flour and salt, put this mixture on the inputs of your home or wherever you think this critter enters your home, when the creature eat this, mix in a few hours will harden inside, thus eliminating this plague of your home.


Rodents love the sweet, so chocolate is an excellent ingredient to attract the attention of these creatures. You’ll mix chocolate powder and plaster in equal parts, this method works the same as the previous one.