4 Foods That Detox Your Colon and Prevent Colon Cancer


Cancer of the colon or colorectal cancer is on the rise and it doesn’t choose at what population will appear. So the question is what should be done in order to prevent it. Researchers continue to find more and more evidences and they are presenting the benefits of the vegetarian diet.

Diet similar to a pesco-vegetarian diet, a diet where you remove all animal products except for fish, shows as extremely beneficial for those who choose to take this diet on and what researchers are sure about is that this can really help at colorectal cancer.

Our eating habits have large impact on cancer development

Researchers at the Journal of the American Medical Association analyzed the eating habits of 77.000 adults, and then followed them to see how many of the them will develop colorectal cancer within seven years.

Vegetarians were 20% less likely to develop this kind of cancer than the one that were eating meat. More ground-breaking was that the pesco-vegetarians had a risk of 43%.

How to start changing your diet

A lots of people are confused when it comes to make a meal that will provide you with the essential nutrients but without meat. So we are representing five foods that can substitute in your diet to reduce your chances of developing this type of cancer.

  1. High Fiber Cereals

Cereals are great morning breakfast. Fiber will help you to rid your body from toxins. The longer toxins in your body stick around the more likely your DNA can be damaged leading to cancer.

  1. Olive Oil

Olive oil is incredible product for many reasons, so you should include it in your meals in order to use the omega-2 fatty acids. Olive oil is great at inflammations like fatty fish.

  1. Beans

This food is associated with flatulence, which can make you to cause you to overlook its high folate, vitamin B and fiber content. It can repair abnormal DNA in your GI track. Pick any bean because they are really healthy for you.

  1. Fruits and Vegetables

This wouldn’t be a complete list if we didn’t include these foods. Six to eight servings of fruits or vegetables a day can reduce the colorectal cancer. If you are having trouble incorporating them in your diet juice them and make a healthy drink.

In summary, steer clear from sugar and processed meat. These foods increase the risk of colorectal cancer. Trade sugar for honey or stevia, and meat for fish or plant-based products high in iron or protein.