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Home Remedies for Colon Cleansing

The colon, a part of the digestive system, is responsible for extracting water, salt, vitamins and nutrients from indigestible food matter, processing food that was not digested in the small intestine, and eliminating solid waste from the body. However, when it does not function properly, ...Read More

This Elixir Melts Fat And All You Need Is Two Ingredients

The struggle with weight has never been tastier. Yes, that’s right, losing weight does not have to be neither torturing nor laborious process, and all thanks to this elixir. Just a few sips of the juice, 20 minutes after lunch, will help you burn ...Read More

Reasons Why Dehydration is Making You Fat and Sick

If you could point to the very first thing that determined your health and wellness, it might be water. Or more specifically, drinking enough of it. Dehydration actually sets in before you start feeling thirsty, and is often indicated by, oddly enough, feeling slightly ...Read More

The Best Remedy For Blood Cleansing – Nettle Syrup

This mixture is beneficial in the fight against rheumatism and arthritis, and since nettle is rich in iron, it is also used in treating anemia. Moreover, even people who have asthma or skin problems use this syrup. What’s more, it is believed that it ...Read More