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The Best Tea For Prostate

The prostate is a male sex gland size of a walnut, located in the neck of the urinary bladder and has the function of secretion of semen. It is very sensitive to environment factors the and prone to burning and enlargement, and symptoms of prostate disease are unpleasant ...Read More

Drink Chocolate Milk After Workout

Exercise and good looks are the major obsession of all, and why it would not be so? Exercise brings many benefits, such as acceleration of metabolism, excess fat waste  and, of course, the tightening of the muscles. People who train are usually happier than those who do ...Read More

Green Tea for Face, Slimming, Skin and Health

A wide and ever-growing circle of investigators indicates that drinking green tea brings many benefits for health. Just as black tea, green tea is obtained from the leaves of Camellia sinensis. However, in contrast to black tea, green tea is not obtained by fermentation, as allows the ...Read More

Is Fresh Juice Really Healthy?

Everything you need to know about juicing before pressing ‘pulse’. Homemade fruit and veg juices are having a moment, with celebs tweeting about their juicing habits and friends sharing recipes and snaps on Facebook and Instagram. But there’s a dark side to this health ...Read More

Elixirs of Youth and Longevity

All we would like to stop the aging process and always to stay young and beautiful. Youthful appearance and freshness can be somewhat preserved with regular care and maintenance to the external appearance, and internal organs and thoughts. Additionally the certainly necessary and regular physical activity and ...Read More