Every Time I Was In Her House It Smelled Amazing, But I Had No Idea Why. Then She Showed Me This Trick

We all love when our home smells pleasant, so we often use various products, scented candles, and numerous deodorizing items.

But they are often high in chemicals. If you want to protect your own lungs and the lungs of your dearest ones, you should try some natural alternative.

The following video will reveal a simple and easy trick to replace the expensive, commercial air fresheners.

All you need is a mason jar with a tin lid, hammer, an empty candle container, fork, some essential oil, and baking soda.

In the first case, you will learn how to prepare a natural air freshener that is excellent for the bedroom or bathroom. You should empty the candle holder, and use some soap and hot water to clean it out.

Pour some baking soda in the jar, sprinkle 8-10 drops of the essential oil you have chosen onto it, and use the fork to stir it well. You can also nestle a tea candle in the center.

In the second case, you should tighten the lid on the jar, and make 5 holes in the shape of a diamond on it. You should place the screwdriver on it and hit it with the hammer.

Then, uncover, and repeat the same procedure with the essential oil and baking soda. As soon as it is ready, tighten the lid and your DIY air freshener will slowly release a wonderful, pleasant smell.