Lose Up To 15 Kilos With One Simple Spice – Cumin Powder


The best way to lose weight is to boost your metabolism. There are natural ingredients that boost and all you have to do is to change the spices that you use.

Cumin powder for weight loss

Starvation is not a good choice when you want to lose weight. Kilograms can disappear when you combine the right ingredients that natural boost the metabolism. Scientists from the University for Medicine in Iran formed two groups and the both of them contained 44 women that had problems with weight. In the period of 3 months these two groups of women were advised for healthy food and there was a menu by which they needed to take in 500 calories a day. The first group of women at that time ate 3g of cumin powder a day mixed with 140g of yogurt. The other group of women consumed the same amount of yogurt without this spice.

After three months the women that consumed yogurt with the cumin lost about 14 kilograms in contrast to the other group that drunk the simple yogurt. Also the women from the first group lost about 14.64 percents more fats that the other ones that lost 4.91 percent of fats.

The reason why the examiners lose on weight is because this spice contains filosterols, chemical that is known about preventing cholesterol in the body. Scientists consider that this is because cumin boosts the metabolism.

If you want to taste this spice you can add in any kind of food. Spices can be easily mixed and they can really improve the food taste.

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