Natural Exercises to Improve Your Eyesight Without Glasses

Believe it or not, more than half of the people in the world suffer from some type of vision problem. With all of the solutions that technology has brought through the decades, you hardly ever see someone with a pair of glasses anymore, but that doesn’t mean that they don’t have a vision problem – or didn’t at some time in the past.

There exists now laser surgery to correct eye problems, contact lenses and more. Plus, some people are farsighted, which means that they only need to wear their glasses when they read. The fact is, more than 4 out of 6 people suffer from bad eyesight and there are natural exercises that actually do work.

Before you spend the money to see an eye doctor for a prescription and an expensive pair of glasses or contacts, you may want to consider some of these exercises first. Many people who suffer from poor vision, whether they were born with it, or have it as a result of advancing age, have found success in these treatments, because there is real science behind them.

Exercise One: Blinking your eyes

It might sound simple, but blinking is one of the best ways to exercise the eye muscles and solve vision problems. The reason behind it is that our eyes are meant to blink often, but because of the inventions of computer screens and television sets, we don’t blink as much as should, which weakens the eye muscles as well as drying our your eyes.

Blinking also keeps your eyes ready for new information because the split second period of darkness acts as a buffer wipe so that you can process what you see when you open your eyes.

Exercise Two: Covering your face

What you might not have realized is how many people do these exercises anyway, without any conscious effort at all. A common example of this is the exercise of covering your eyes with your hands, just close enough to allow blinking but to make yourself seem in total darkness.

This will relieve the stress around your eyes and allow you to relax. It is likely that if you work around people that use computers all day, you have seen this kind of exercise before, by people who didn’t even realize they were unconsciously helping their eyes to relax.

Exercise Three: The Invisible Figure 8

The third exercise is for you to imagine a figure 8 lying on its side in front of you. Then, trace this figure out for about five minutes going one way, and then reverse and to the opposite way for about 5 minutes. This is a great eye muscle exercise and your eyes will feel refreshed when you have finished.

Exercise Four: Nearsighted & Farsighted

This exercise is very simple but very powerful. Just sit relaxed in a chair with a wide, open space in front of you. Focus on something near to you and then switch and focus on something far away. Do this for about five minutes, switching off every ten seconds or so. This will improve your vision over time.